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Survey Hire UK offer single beam echo sounding equipment that can be paired via Bluetooth to your own surveying equipment and attached to your boat or any water based vessel. The Ohmex Sonarmite has a range of 0.3, to 70m and an accuracy of 1-2cm. All hires come with full support and pairing and download instructions and are available to hire at short notice if required.


We also offer the Seafloor Hydrone remote controlled survey boat which can be used for all inland waterways and allows your workforce to stay safe on dry land, reducing any health and safety risks of working on the water.


The Ohmex Sonarmite and Seafloor Hydrone are the ideal tools for any land or hydrographic surveyors who require bathymetric surveys. 

Product Recommendation

Boost your daily performance with these easy-to-use, surveying equipment from GeoMax. We can supply you with a full range of total stations, GNSS, lasers and levels

- Robotic Total Stations 
- GNSS Rovers
- Pipe Lasers 
- Rotating Lasers 

- Automatic Levels

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