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Survey Hire UK offer the latest in handheld laser scanners from GeoSLAM which provides quick and easy data capture of large areas in the shortest amount of time. The GeoSLAM Horizon has a range of 100-120m and captures 300,000 points per second whilst either being handheld, on a backpack, or mounted to a vehicle or UAV. With the inclusion of 360° Panoramic imagery and colourised point clouds data extraction GeoSLAM Connect Software is an easy and time-efficient way of capturing data. 


The point cloud data from the GeoSLAM can either be converted into a variety of point cloud formats for third party software or sliced into sections and drawn into CAD formats. All hires come with a 7-day Geoslam Connect software license so there is no need for the costly ownership of the high value hardware and annual software subscriptions. Hire it when you need it.

Product Recommendation

Boost your daily performance with these easy-to-use, surveying equipment from GeoMax. We can supply you with a full range of total stations, GNSS, lasers and levels

- Robotic Total Stations 
- GNSS Rovers
- Pipe Lasers 
- Rotating Lasers 

- Automatic Levels

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